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  • Eric Lacynull

Seize Your Big Dreams

Have you ever wondered why the best stuff is harder to obtain? You don't miss out on it because you don't deserve it. What if you only needed a perspective adjustment. We are facing an unusual problem. our church is going digital due to this Covid pandemic. This creates a unique situation that the church has never been in and threatens our corporate Big Dream. During this season we are creating a digital Dream Team and we NEED you to be a part of what God is doing.

If you can share Sundays service with a friend God will appreciate it. We are asking the whole Love Community to watch this online bible study tonight at 7 at and use the Hashtag #myTLCFAM to let us know how it is going during this pandemic

. We will not give up on the impossible it God has something greater for us!

Can you help us by serving this week? If your in message back, click this link Im in! We will have a zoom meeting this Thursday to give you all the info. Maybe you didn't give this wee please click on the link to give

Pastor Eric

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