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Day 3 Go in your strength

Judges chapter 6 recounts the story of Gideon who was called by God to do an extraordinary work. Gideon faced odds that appeared insurmountable. However the Angel says "Go in the strength you have." As we search for the unexpected our lack of faith pushes us to look around for the external but God says look at what you have. God knows miracles come not from an external source but from an internal awakening. The greatest weapon you have is in you.

Isn’t that like God to place a life changing opportunity in our laps that scares us? Almost using our greatest problems to push us in the direction we needed to go in the first place. Gideon still nervous about the responsibility of leading through a period of not enough says to the angel, “show me a sign.” When God calls you to something bigger than you it is him testing you to see if you will be run to him or lean on your own understanding. If we choose him we have to submit to his way so that he can take ownership of the battle we are in. Since God likes to call us to big tasks we have to rely on consistent daily prayer in our walk with God.

Some of the guilt we feel now is based in missed opportunities because of insecurity within us. Insecurity that made us take the easy rout because we did not rely on the voice of God. However, the reality is, God is still calling us to do mind blowing task in spite of our perceived spiritual incompetence and insecurities. The question is, are we being still to hear his sweet quiet voice? Shalom to you! Continue to meditate and hear God speak into your life. Prayer allows me to speak to God but meditation allows God to speak back. Be still and know that he is God. Remove anything that distracts you from your quiet time with God. What can I do to eliminate distractions to see the hand of God on my life?

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