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Tailor Made

I once heard a few preachers talking about their tailors. Each one was talking about all the things the tailor did to make their suit fit and make them look good. This had me thinking, I am going to get a tailor made suit too. However, when I went to the tailor he gave me a price that blew my mind. Im a country boy from Palestine, Texas so I decided to keep shopping at my retail suit supply store. Before leaving I asked the tailor why did those suits cost so much more than regular retail suits. The tailor responded saying it cost more because, "I cut the fabric and put it together to perfectly fit you!" What he was saying is, the fabric is for everyone but the way I cut it out gives it its value!!

The bible says “Be Holy for I am Holy!” 1:16 Peter 1 I heard a sermon last night by Dr. Eric Mason and he talked a little about holiness in respect to the growing racial tensions our world is facing. Basically saying, You can’t have holiness without Love. In the message Dr. Mason said that to be Holy means “to be CUT OUT!” That was my AHA moment, because in response to my human situation this means everything. God said I have Human Fabric that I have created. I love all the fabric that I created but there are a few of you that have been cut out! My chosen ones. At that moment I was so full a tear dropped from my eye because I realized all of my saved brothers and sisters all over the world are cut from the same cloth. No big "I's" and little "YOU's". I was full because God in the midst of my flaws, in the midst of my brokenness, in the midst of my flawed thinking said to me, you have been tailor made for your brand of ministry.

God is saying, you cant live like everyone else! Being like the culture will allow you to comfortably put on average. Don't be average; be fully engaged with me! In other words, I have to work from a new perspective. Check this text out

13 So roll up your sleeves, put your mind in gear, be totally ready to receive the gift that’s coming when Jesus arrives. Don’t lazily slip back into those old grooves of evil, doing just what you feel like doing. You didn’t know any better then; you do now. I Peter 1:13 The Message Bible

Isn’t that what happens when we make a decision to be Holy, after a while the newness wears off and we go back to being eerily similar to the pre-saved version of ourselves. Doing what we feel like doing. Peter says don’t be passive keep your mind focused on the joy that the gifts bring. Holiness requires that I work in my unique calling but it also requires that I check myself. Many Christians will never get clarity about their situations because of the unaddressed sin in their lives. You may be in a dry season in your life because of some unaddressed sin. Remember God loves you and he has you at premium value because you have been TAILOR MADE by the most prolific Tailor of all time. The question is, “Have you been cut?”


“Lord please don’t let the situations of life coupled with my familiar and unfamiliar insecurities cause me to REGULATE my salvation with feelings based theology. I want my joy to be made full in every crevice and corner of my life. I want to be HOLY because you are Holy.” Amen

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